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These are all dances we have taught in our classes

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A Little Happy

Download a little happy.rtf

All Night Long

Download ALL NIGHT LONG.rtf

American Kids

Download american kids.rtf

Beer Money

Download beer money.rtf

Boys Round Here

Download Boys round here.rtf

Canadian Stomp

Download Canadian Stomp.rtf

Car Wash

Download car wash.rtf

Cherokee Boogie

Download cherokee-boogie.rtf

Choo Choo Cha Boggie

Download choo-choo-cha-boogie.rtf

Cotton Eyed Joe

Download Cotton.rtf

Cowboy Charleston

Download Cowboy Charleston.rtf

Country as Can Be

Download country-as can be.rtf

Cowboy Boogie

Download Cowboy Boogie.rtf

Cowboy Cumbia

Download COWBOY CUMBIA.rtf

Cupid Shuffle

Download CUPID SHUFFLE.rtf

Dancing Yet?

Download dancing yet.rtf

Easy Rumba

Download easy rumba.rtf


Download Elvira.rtf

Hey Hey Baby

Download Hey Hey Baby.rtf

Hooked on Country


I Like Beer

Download i like beer.rtf

Kansas City Waltz

Download Kansas City Waltz.rtf

Keep it Simple

Download Keep It Simple.rtf

Louisiana Hot Sauce

Download louisiana-hot-sauce.rtf

Makin' Tracks

Download makin-tracks.rtf

Rockin Robbin

Download rockin robin.rtf

Makin Waves

Download Makin.rtf

Rockin The Wagon Wheel

Download Rockin the Wagon Wheel.rtf

Saloon Scissor Stomp



Download Schottische.rtf

Shuffle Boogie

Download shuffle boogie.rtf

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Download Stroll Along Cha Cha.rtf

Texan Cha Cha

Download Texan Cha Cha.rtf

Texas Stomp

Download Texas Stomp rtf.rtf

This Little Light of Mine

Download This Little Light of Mine.rtf

Waltz Across Texas Line

Download Waltz Across Texas Line.rtf


Download Whisperin.rtf


Download Zorba.rtf

Two Step for Couples

Download Two Step Moves.rtf

Waltz for Couples

Download Waltz Moves.rtf

cut a rug

Download cut a rug.rtf

can you 2 step

Download can you 2 step.rtf

makin tracks

Download makin-tracks.rtf

easy livin

Download easy livin.rtf